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Chair’s Welcome

I am delighted as Chair of the Friends to welcome you to our website. Bushy Park and Home Park are two wonderful large green oases in the south west corner of London. Feeling wild, they are natural places with ancient histories, fascinating heritage and superb wildlife. Both are Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) containing rare species. These are places to be enjoyed and conserved. Which is why the Friends exist, campaigning, supporting and protecting the parks, and enhancing visitors’ enjoyment with information, advice and guidance.

We are always pleased to receive feedback. You can contact us by clicking here.

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Ipsos MORI survey of Royal parks

Ipsos MORI survey of Royal parks

Ipsos MORI survey of Bushy Park

Research results have recently been published which The Royal Parks commissioned from Ipsos MORI to conduct visitor counts and interviews across all eight Royal parks during 2013 and 2014. These show that over 77.7 million visits were made during the year from November 2013, with 98% of interviewees rating the quality of the parks as excellent or good.

The full report can be found on The Royal Parks website.

The research conducted in Bushy Park identifies several points which readers may find noteworthy:

The total number of visits to Bushy Park over the period of research is reported to be 2.38 million, which is the lowest number among the eight parks, with Richmond Park having twice as many visits and St James’s Park having eight times as many visits (well St James’s is the place for Whitehall office workers to take their lunchtime strolls and sandwiches and for spies to visit their dead letter boxes, if fiction is to be believed).
99% of visitors interviewed scored Bushy Park as Excellent or Good on park quality overall.

The park is rated Very Safe or Quite Safe by 99% of visitors.
Most visits to Bushy Park are for durations of 1 to 2 hours, mainly for reasons of relaxation, exercise and getting fresh air.

Bushy Park scores highest of the parks for “Peace and Quiet”, achieving a rating of 95% compared to the average across all parks of 85%. (A consequence of fewer visitors, perhaps).

The quality of the natural environment in Bushy Park scored 98% .

The research reports that 63% of visits involved travel by car to the park.

Bushy Park scored lowest of the eight parks among interviewees for its “Signposting and Maps”, for “Information on Park Features” and for “Visibility of park staff”.

Regarding funding of the parks, people were asked if they would be happy for a limited number of paid ticketed events to be held in the park if they knew the money generated would be used to help maintain the park and other Royal Parks; 68 % of interviewees said they would agree with this.

The findings will help The Friends of Bushy and Home Parks to identify matters of interest to us about the park’s environment and management and will aid our dialogue with The Royal Parks.

Walks & Talks

Forthcoming event

Thursday, 22nd Nov 8:00 pm

TALK by John Sheaf, “Bushy Park and the surrounding area in old photographs”

Latest report

On the morning of Saturday 3 November a group of members of the Friends assisted Sharon Evans, the Bushy Park Head Gardener, in planting an area of the Woodland Gardens.

Full report...