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Colin Muid Welcome

If you feel that the events of 2016 are proving to be rather unsettling, for whatever reasons, then can I suggest a walk in either Bushy Park or Home Park as a way of calming you? It may not be the total answer to whatever anxieties you could be experiencing but it should allow you to have another perspective on them. Against a backdrop of major change, however such change is viewed, the parks provide constancy and quietude. If you are a regular visitor to the parks, you know this already and probably use such visits as occasional balm, but if you are someone who is yet to visit, can I invite you to come and enjoy their natural peace and habitats and see if I can be proved right.

One of the changes that the Royal Parks organisation faces in the current year is its conversion in status, combining with the charitable Royal Parks Foundation, from a government agency to a charity that has a contract with government to provide free access and maintain and protect the parks and their heritage. As a part of this change a new board of governance is being created for the charity and a recent announcement is that the chairman of the board is to be Loyd Grossman. He is well known for his culinary expertise and his celebrity persona, but less well known as a board member of English Heritage and of the Museum and Galleries Commission. We look forward to seeing the master chef in the role of master park keeper.

Colin Muid


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Walks & Talks

Forthcoming event

Friday, 9th Dec 12:00 pm

This Festive Season, the Royal Parks Foundation has teamed up with Operation Centaur to bring you a six-person Park Brake drawn by our majestic Shire Horses, allowing you to experience Richmond Park like never before.

Walks & Talks

Latest report

Over 50 people took part in the Deer Walk in Bushy Park on 3rd September 2016.

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