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With more members our voice is stronger when we campaign to protect the Parks, and with more subscription income we can do more to provide information and education about the Parks, their wildlife and their history.

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Colin Muid Welcome

I welcome you to our website as the new Chair of the Friends. Regular website visitors will know that Annie Murray, the past-Chair has been assiduous and industrious in providing a welcoming message to cyber-visitors. I shall do my best to keep up that good work.

I am a volunteer at our Visitor Information Point at The Pheasantry in Bushy Park. It is enjoyable to have direct connection with park visitors and I am frequently surprised by the far-flung homes that many visitors come from, be it international, further afield in the UK or simply another part of London or the Home Counties. They are fascinated and delighted by the fact that such an unexpected large and wild green space exists within the precincts of London. They tell us we should be proud of it (we are) and we should take care of it (we do).

That said, I have learned that not all visitors to Bushy and Home Parks are properly respectful of these environments and it is a constant concern that we need to protect and sustain the parks so that they can be enjoyed appropriately. That is what the Friends of Bushy and Home Parks try to achieve through our actions to provide information, free walks and talks, appeals to fund substantial restoration and planting projects, vigilance about planning applications, and giving support to those who manage the parks. This website is part of those actions and I hope you find visiting it is useful and enables you to enjoy real visits to the parks even more.

Colin Muid


We are always happy to receive feedback and if there’s anything at all you’d like to let us know, please do get in touch You can email directly by clicking here.

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On 28 April 2016 Sue Kidger gave a talk in the St John Ambulance hall about her 16 years of rescuing and caring for hedgehogs.

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